Monday, June 14, 2021

Welcome to A1A Research

 Welcome to the website of A1A Research.

We are a supplier of qualitative and quantitative market research services. Our mission is to expedite value added market research functions with reliability and speed to the market research professional. We offer business professionals a full range of tasks for their projects that include data collection to qualitative report writing. A full list of our services offered can be found on the functions page. Because we apply new technology with cloud-based applications and virtual work environments we are able to keep costs down, while maintaining sustainability with resources used. Our goal is to be a first rate vendor to the market research industry by applying Total Quality Management (TQM) principles to our work ethic. Our intent is to create skilled and meaningful job openings for veterans, students, disabled workers, and work at home professionals. Not only are we keeping our corporate carbon footprint small but we are passing the savings in energy to our client companies and our workers.

A1A Research has extensive resources available for market research; these include multiple databases and online resources. These include lists of companies that hire for research tasks, editorial departments, social media resources, marketing and entrepreneurial organizations.

Surveys in progress
1)Veteran Owned Businesses
3)Market Research Industry

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